Terms of service

Warp-syndicate (online shop) Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") is an online shop (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") on this website. Below, the terms of use of "this service" are determined. Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users") will use this service in accordance with these Terms.

Article 1 (applicable)
  1. These Terms shall apply to all relationships related to the use of this service between users and the Company.
  2. In addition to these agreements, we may make various rules, such as the rules for using this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "individual regulations"). These individual regulations shall make a part of these agreements, regardless of the name.
  3. If the provisions of these Terms are inconsistent with the individual provisions of the preceding paragraph, the individual regulations shall be prioritized unless otherwise specified in the individual regulations.
  4. Users must be not a minor, or if they are minors, they need to be consent to the parent or minor guardian.

Article 2 (Registration of use)
  1. In this service, the registered applicants agree to these Terms, apply for registration by the Company, and the Company notifies the registered applicants to complete the use registration. 。
  2. The Company may not approve the application for use registration if the applicant for registration is the following, and shall not be required to disclose any reasons.
    • (1) In the event that there is a false, erroneous or omission of all or part of the information provided to the Company
    • (2) If you have not obtained the consent of a minor, an adult guardian, or a coach or an assistant, and has not obtained a statutory agent, guardian, guardian or assistant.
    • (3) Anti -social forces (gangsters, gang members, right -wing organizations, anti -social forces, and other equivalents. If we judge that we are interacting or involved with anti -social forces, such as cooperating or involved in maintaining, management, or management.
    • (4) In the past, if the Company determines that it is a person who violates the contract with the Group or its concerned in the past
    • (5) If you have taken measures specified in Article 11
    • (6) In addition, if the Company determines that registration is not equal

Article 3 (Management of user ID and password)
  1. Users may manage the user ID and password of this service at their own risk.
  2. In any case, users cannot transfer or lend or lend user IDs and passwords to third parties, or share them with third parties. If the combination of user ID and password is logged in in line with the registration information, it is deemed to be used by the user who has registered the user ID.
  3. The user shall be responsible for damages caused by insufficient management of user ID or password, error in use, use of third parties, etc.

Article 4 (sales contract)
  1. In this service, a sales contract shall be established by applying to the Company for the purchase and in response to the company that the Company has accepted the application. In addition, the ownership of the product shall be relocated to the user when the Company hands over the product to the delivery company.
  2. If the user falls under one of the following items, the Company may refuse the purchase application by the user without prior notice to the user.
    • (1) When it is found that the application for purchase has not been approved in the past due to violation of these Terms, or that it has been taken to suspend the provision of this service.
    • (2) If there is a delay in fulfillment of payment debt for this service, etc., if there are other defaults
    • (3) If any of the "prohibited items" specified in Article 9 are performed
    • (4) When a false content is filed with us
    • (5) When Article 1, Paragraph 4 is not enough
    • (6) Other cases when the trust between the Company and the user has been impaired
  3. We are not responsible if the company does not reach the Company due to disabilities on the Internet, failure of equipment, or other circumstances that cannot be returned to our company.
  4. The official price of the product is JPY (Japanese yen). In this service, it may be displayed in other selected currencies, but these are just reference prices.
  5. Users other than Japan are considered importers, and the user shall comply with all laws and regulations in the country he received. When the product arrives in the country where the user resides, import duties and taxes may be imposed. In that case, the additional fee for customs clearance will be borne by the user. Since these costs vary from country to country, we are not obliged to predict or manage these costs. For details, please contact the customs of the country where the user resides.
  6. All dates and time displayed in this service are Japan Standard (UTC+9). Users shall apply for purchase after confirming the product sales period, release date, promotion period, etc. in advance.
  7. The payment method for this service, the delivery method, the cancellation method of the purchase application, or the return method, etc. will be separately determined by the Company.

Article 5 (Canceling the sales contract)
  1. If the user has the following items, we will notify the user in advance to contact information such as the e -mail address or telephone number entered at the time of application or purchase, and cancel the sales contract. can do.
    • (1) If the user violates these Terms
    • (2) If the user applies for payment with a credit card, and the credit card company used has contacted you to default cards.
    • (3) When the user's payment ability is in danger of being found to be approved
    • (4) If it is impossible to sell the product to the user due to unexpected circumstances or out of stock, it is not easy to deliver products to users.
    • (5) If you can't receive it for more than 2 weeks due to unknown destinations or long -term absence due to input mistakes such as address or address, etc.
    • (6) If we judge that delivery is difficult or willing to purchase due to repeated long -term absence or decline receipt.
    • (7) When it is clear that the price of the product displayed in this service is incorrect compared to the market price, etc.
  2. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is an improper or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, the Company may cancel the sales contract, cancel, and take other appropriate measures.
  3. Users who have canceled the sales agreement except that the Company has canceled the sales agreement in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, except that it falls under item 1 (4) or (7). We have to pay all the unpaid price, and the price we have already paid to the Company will not be refunded.
  4. With the cancellation of the sales contract based on this section, the user shall bear this for the cost incurred to the Company.

Article 6 (contact from us)
The Company may contact the user the following items in the following items.
  • (1) After the order from the user is confirmed, the order confirmation email will be sent to the e -mail address entered at the time of registration or purchase application.
  • (2) At the time of the order of the order, the shipping guidance email will be sent to the e -mail address entered at the time of registration or purchase application.
  • (3) After obtaining the permission from the user, we will send an e -mail with information such as new products, campaigns and e -mail magazines to the e -mail address entered at the time of registration or purchase application.
  • (4) Matters related to the benefits associated with the purchased product (including event participation tickets, etc.) will be sent to the e -mail address entered when registering or applying for purchase.
  • (5) If the once -shipped product returns to our company for any reason, such as "long -term absence", "unknown address", "refusal to receive", for the e -mail address or telephone number entered at the time of registration or purchase application. I will contact you for confirmation.
  • (6) If there is a serious problem regarding the contents of the product and the sales, or the matter that the Company has determined that it should be announced, this service announced or the user entered at the time of registration or purchasing application. Contact your address or phone number.

Article 7 (abandoned)
  1. The Company will contact the user in the preceding Article (4), and within one week from the date of the communication date (the company from the Company to the user or the date of the call transmission), the user will be to the Company. If you specify the reinforcement destination of the purchased product (the product purchased by the user by this service. I will ship. However, all costs required for redelivery shall be borne by the user. In addition, the Company will inform the user that if the purchase product is returned again despite the redelivery, the Company will apply to the User.
  2. Despite the fact that the Company has contacted the user in the preceding article (4), the user is within one week from the date of the contact transmission date (the company from the Company or the date of the call to the user). If we do not specify the intention of receiving the purchased product (including if the user is not able to contact us, such as not being able to answer the phone), we will be input to the user at the time of use registration or purchase application. By sending an email to the e -mail address, we will notify you to specify the re -delivery destination within one month from the date of the email. At the same time, notifying that if the specified designation is not contacted within the same period, or if the purchased product is returned again despite the redelivery based on the designation, paragraph 4 will be applied. To do.
  3. If the user specifies the redistribution destination under the same paragraph within the period specified in the preceding paragraph, the Company will re -ship the purchased product to the designated location. However, all costs required for redelivery shall be borne by the user.
  4. If the user does not specify the redecing destination set forth in the paragraph within the period specified in paragraph (2), and the purchase item in spite of the redelivery in paragraph (1) or the re -delivery set forth in the preceding paragraph, "The address is unknown". If it is returned to the Company regardless of the reason, such as "refusal to receive, the user has abandoned the claim for delivery of the purchased product and other claims regardless of the ownership of the purchased product and the user. It is assumed that there is no objection to the company freely disposing of the purchased product. In this case, the user has not been refunded at all the payments that the user already paid to the Company must be refunded, and the user must pay the Company with any unpaid payment.
  5. The provisions of this Article, paragraph 1 to the preceding paragraph, do not hinder the Company from canceling the sales contract based on Article 5, Paragraph 1 (5) and (6) and (6).

Article 8 (intellectual property right)
  1. Product photos provided by this service and other content (hereinafter referred to as "content") copyright or other intellectual ownership belong to legitimate right holders, such as content providers, and users are, users. These cannot be duplicated, reprinted, modified, or other secondary use.
  2. If the user violates the provisions set forth in the preceding paragraph and has a problem with the right holder, the user will solve the issues on their own responsibilities and expenses, and shall not cause any loss or disadvantage to the Company. increase.

Article 9 (prohibited items)
Users shall not perform the following actions when using this service.
  • (1) Acts to apply for false contents about input items when registering or purchasing
  • (2) Acts that use credit card illegally to use this service
  • (3) Acts that become a third party
  • (4) Acts using other user user ID or password
  • (5) Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantages or damage to other users, third parties or the Company, or that act
  • (6) Other users, third parties or our property rights, trademark rights, copyrights, portrait rights, privacy and other rights
  • (7) The act of slandering a third party, damaging the honor or credit, or causing it
  • (8) Criminal acts, acts against public order and morals, other acts that violate laws and regulations, or that act
  • (9) Acts that may interfere with the operation or business of this service or acts that may interfere with this service
  • (10) Acts that interfere with access or operation of other users
  • (11) Unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to this service
  • (12) Acts to apply for purchase for the purpose of resale to a third party
  • (13) Acts using this service by illegally using e -mail address or phone number
  • (14) Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of our email or homepage
  • (15) Through this Service, send the information determined by the Company or other users of the Services to the other users of this service.
    • ① Information including excessive violent or cruel expression
    • ② Information including computer, virus and other harmful computer programs
    • (3) Information, including the Company, other users or other third -party users or other third parties.
    • ④ Information that includes excessive obscene expressions
    • ⑤ Information including expression that promotes discrimination
    • ⑥ Information including expression that promotes suicide and self -harm.
    • ⑦ Information including expressions that promote the inappropriate use of drugs
    • ⑧ Information including anti -social expression
    • ⑨ Information that demands spread information to third parties such as chain emails
    • ⑩ Information including expressions that give discomfort to others
  • (16) All data obtained through this service is used for copying, distribution, transfer, lending, or sending public transmission, beyond the scope of private use approved by copyright law.
  • (17) The act of transferring, lending, or changing the name of the benefits and rights obtained from the use of this service to third parties, or setting up other collateral.
  • (18) Activities for self -or third -party for profit using this service, and activities to prepare for the purpose
  • (19) Acts that use this service to conflict with pre -exercise of elections, election movements, similar acts, and the Public Office Election Law
  • (20) Using this Service using religious acts, including religious groups, the establishment / activity of religious organizations, and religious associations in religious organizations
  • (21) Acts that interfere with the operation of this service
  • (22) Acts that violate laws and regulations, acts against public order and morals, or acts that are likely to be
  • (23) Other acts that violate these Terms or to determine that the Company is inappropriate

Article 10 (Change, stop, end of this service)
  1. The Company can change the content of the service without notice or suspend or suspend the Service. In that case, we will notify the user after the fact.
  2. The Company may temporarily suspend this service due to the maintenance and inspection of the system.
  3. We may end the Service in case of unavoidable circumstances in the operation of this service.

Article 11 (use limit and registration deletion)
  1. In the case of any of the following, the Company shall limit the use of the Service to the user, or to delete registration as a user without prior notice. increase.
    • (1) If you violate any of the terms of these Terms
    • (2) When it is found that there is a false fact in the registration matter
    • (3) When the credit card reported by the user as a payment means is suspended
    • (4) If there is a default of payment debts such as charges
    • (5) If there is no response from the Company for a certain period of time
    • (6) If this service is not used for a certain period from the final use
    • (7) In addition, if the Company determines that the use of this service is not appropriate
  2. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the Company's acts based on this Article.

Article 12 (withdrawal)
Users may be able to withdraw from the Service by the prescribed withdrawal procedure. However, even if you withdraw, the user shall be inevitable under these Terms of Terms of Terms, such as the obligation to pay by this service.

Article 13 (Our exemption)
  1. Unless we have intentional or heavy negligence in the Company, the User has used this service or cannot be used (including the leakage of registration information due to loss of terminals, etc.). We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage.
  2. We shall not be liable for any damages of users or third -party users or third parties caused by the use, change, cancellation, interruption, or suspension of this service, unless we have intentional or heavy negligence in the Company.
  3. Regardless of the preceding two paragraphs, if the contract based on these Terms is subject to the Consumer Contract Law, the Company's compensation is a product that configures the cause of the compensation for damages caused by the Company's negligence. The amount, such as the price, etc. when purchased by the user, shall not bear any liability.
  4. We have the quality, performance, compatibility with other products, as well as the contents or defective products attached to each product for products sold through this service. I will not do it.
  5. Regarding the color and shape of the product, depending on the display, the performance of the monitor, the setting conditions, etc. used by the user, the screen displayed may differ from the real thing.
  6. Regarding communication to users and products related to this service, the Company is exempted from the provisions of Article 16 according to the information registered by the user, and is exempted by performing administrative processing such as these contacts and delivery of products. will do.
  7. The Company shall be exempted from providing services to users in this service by providing clerical processing according to the information registered or input by the user.
  8. In relation to the use of this service, if the user causes damage to other users or third parties, or if a user occurs with another user or a third party, the user is the user. It shall be resolved by cost and responsibility, and shall not cause any burden or damage to the Company.

Article 14 (Change of these Terms)
  1. We may change these agreements. In this case, the user will be applied to the changed terms of the change.
  2. When the Company changes in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall define the time of change, and to change these agreements to users, and the terms of the changed Terms and the time of the change 16. Notify the user according to the article.

Article 15 (handling of personal information)
  1. The user's personal information will be used jointly by the Company and our group company for the following purposes: However, in order to achieve the purpose of use, we may be outsourced to a business consignment company selected by the Company. In that case, the Company shall perform the necessary and appropriate procedures and supervision based on the Personal Information Protection Law for the contractor.
    • (1) To provide this service
    • (2) To manage user or customer support
    • (3) To confirm, deliver, and settle the purchased product
    • (4) To check the user usage status of this service
    • (5) To improve this service and develop new services
    • (6) To customize the contents of this service according to individual users
    • (7) To deliver information related to the products and services provided by the Company
    • (8) To provide other use of this service or provide content related to this service
  2. Regarding the handling of personal information provided by users, in addition to those specified in the previous section, the "Avex Group Personal Information Protection Policy" (https://avex.com/jp/ja/public/privacy/) Is applied.

Article 16 (Notification or contact)
Notifications or contacts between users and the Company shall be made according to the method specified by the Company. The Company notifies or contacts the contact information from the user, regardless of the change notification according to the system separately specified by the Company, regards the current registered contact information, and these are users at the time of transmission. It is considered that it has reached.

Article 17 (Prohibition of transfer of rights obligations)
Users cannot transfer, relocate, set collateral, or dispose of any part or all of the contracts in the contracted contract based on these Terms to third parties. In addition, the Company inherits the status under these Terms to the parent company and the subsidiary of our parent company due to the reason for the change of our organization, or transfer all or part of the rights obligations arising from these Terms. Or you may be accepted.

Article 18 (Removal of anti -social forces)
  1. The user states that it does not currently fall under anti -social forces, and concludes that it will not fall in the future.
  2. If the user may violate or violate the preceding paragraph, the Company shall be able to take measures that will be deemed necessary, such as immediately canceling the sales contract with the user under the Terms. The Company is not obliged to compensate or compensate any damages, losses and expenses caused by users.

Article 19 (damages)
Users are liable for compensation for damages to the Company, our group company, partner or third parties, regarding the use of the Service for their own blame.

Article 20 (Joice Law / Judge)
  1. In interpretation of these Terms, the Japanese law is a compliant law. Regarding this service, the application of the International Federation Treaty for International Product Sales Agreement shall be eliminated.
  2. Regarding the disputes related to the Services or Terms between users and the Company, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Simple Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance in accordance with the complaint.
  3. The regular sentence of these Terms is a Japanese version, and if there is a difference in interpretation between the Japanese version and the translated version, the Japanese version shall be prioritized.

Article 21 (possibility of separation)
Even if any of the provisions or part of these Terms are determined to be invalid or unable to execute due to consumer contract law or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of these Terms are disabled or unable to execute. The remaining part of the provisions determined will continue to work completely.

[Supplementary Provisions]
Established June 28, 2021