Frequently Asked Questions | Warp Syndicate (SHOP)

  • Payment

    When will the claim occur?

    ・ Credit card / PayPal / Alipay
    Payment will be completed when ordering.

    ・ Convenience store payment
    Please pay directly at a convenience store after ordering.
    After ordering, Komoju will send you an email for payment. Please note that if you do not pay within 2 days, your order will be canceled.

  • orde

    Can I edit my order?

    If you wish, please contact the customer once, as it depends on the shipping preparation status and stock status.

  • delivery

    How much is the shipping cost?

    It depends on your order and delivery method. Please check the amount and the number of delivery days from the delivery method available at the time of order, and select it.

    Can I change the delivery address and delivery method?

    If you wish, please contact the customer once, as it may be more possible than the shipping preparation status.

    Where is the tracking number?

    Please check the shipment start guide email or order confirmation page.

    • * Registration and update of tracking information may take 1-2 business days on the delivery carrier tracking site. note that.
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